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Gleevia Gel Base Coat 15ml for Gel Nail Polish Soak Off Upgraded Formula Long-Lasting DIY Home and Nail Salon

Gleevia Gel Base Coat 15ml for Gel Nail Polish Soak Off Upgraded Formula Long-Lasting DIY Home and Nail Salon

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Our Ultimate Flawless Gleevia Gel Polish Collection will bring you together. The base coat is the foundation for a long-lasting manicure. Gleevia Gel Polish Base Coat is a must-have for stunning nails. It is used prior to the application of gel polish. Before applying gel polish to the nails, the first and most important step is to apply a base coat. It provides a surface for the nail color to cling to. It helps to keep a layer of protection on the nails against colorful polishes turning them yellow. It also protects the nails from discoloration from the bright and dark-colored gel polishes. It aids in the smoothing and balancing of the nail surface area. It cures with a UV/LED lamp and is simple to apply.

There are no dangerous substances in the formula that could cause a reaction on the nails or skin. The Lasting Shine Primer (Base Coat) comes in a 15ml bottle. It can accommodate at least 40 clients. It is suitable for both salon professionals and customers.

Benefits of Gleevia Gel Polish – Base Coat Rubber: –

  • It prolongs the life of the gel polish.
  • It acts as a barrier to prevent the gel polish from discoloring.
  • It balances and smooths the nail’s surface area.
  • It’s simple to use and cures quickly under a UV/LED bulb.
  • There are no dangerous chemicals used in this.

How to use –

  • Remove your cuticles using Gleevia Cuticle Remover.
  • Using the Gleevia Cuticle Pusher, gently push back the cuticles.
  • Clean the debris from the nail plate with Gleevia Lint-free wipes.
  • Use the Gleevia Duster to clean the nails.
  • Apply Gleevia Primer and Dehydrator.
  • Last but not least, apply a Gleevia Base Coat.

    Materials: UV Curable Resin

    Volume: 15ml/8ml

    Curing Tools: UV Lamp, LED Lamp, UV/LED CCFL Lamp

    Item Type: Nail Gel

    Ingredient: LED UV Nail Gel Polish.

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    Gleevia UV Top Coat for Nails

    Gleevia Top Coat

    Gleevia Shiny Top Coat is a transparent glossy coat that serves a dual purpose and can be used before the application of nail polish to protect the nails, and also over the nail polish as a top coat to leave your nails with a glossy shine for longer. It is also enriched with Argan oil and thus promotes nail wellness. Enriched with Argan oil for strength and Nourishment.