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Cat-Eye UV Gel Polish 15ml Brush Cap Shade CCE11

Cat-Eye UV Gel Polish 15ml Brush Cap Shade CCE11

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  1. Apply BASE COAT, and cure it under UV / LED lamp.
  2. Apply 1st layer of magnetic gel and cure it under UV / LED lamp.
  3. Apply 2nd layer of magnetic gel and DO NOT CURE
  4. Use the magnet stick close to the nail. The closer the distance, the more obvious the effect. However, be careful not to touch the gel polish with the magnetic stick. The effect is based on the positioning of the magnetic stick.
  5. Once you have the desired look, Cure it under a UV lamp or LED lamp.
  6. Apply no wipe top coat, and cure it under UV / LED lamp. (***Please note magnetic stick is not included.) It is required to activate cat-eye look.

To Remove:

  1. Soak a cotton pad with acetone.
  2. Wrap around each nail with tin foil, leave for approximately 10 minutes, and check if ready. If not, leave a few minutes more.
  3. Use a stick or a cuticle pusher to remove the tacky surface gel.
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Gleevia UV Top Coat for Nails

Gleevia Top Coat

Gleevia Shiny Top Coat is a transparent glossy coat that serves a dual purpose and can be used before the application of nail polish to protect the nails, and also over the nail polish as a top coat to leave your nails with a glossy shine for longer. It is also enriched with Argan oil and thus promotes nail wellness. Enriched with Argan oil for strength and Nourishment.