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Artificial Press-on Nail Tips | Pre-Designed Reusable Fake Nails with Glue, Pusher & Filer DIY Pack #494

Artificial Press-on Nail Tips | Pre-Designed Reusable Fake Nails with Glue, Pusher & Filer DIY Pack #494

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Gleevia Premium Reusable Easy to use Press on Nail Tips, A Do-It-Yourself artificial nails set that has a salon finished look, making a flawless nail art yourself in minutes! Achieve different nail art and nail colors in a very easy and quick way while maintaining care to your nails all in the comfort of your home! It is a one-press DIY nail that comes with a patented dual-layer adhesive that sticks on the nail tips to your real nails and lasts for weeks! Proven safe and won’t cause damage to natural nails. It is chip proof, smudge proof, and waterproof, experience a professional nail art at a reasonable price! Created with a seamless natural look that perfectly fits your nails and very comfortable to wear.

Design with instant gel shine without the need for UV Lasers. Different colors and designs to choose from and can be reused up to 5 times.



  • Begin with washing, cleaning, and drying hands.
  • Push back cuticles using the cuticle stick and sanitize nails to remove any hidden oils with an alcohol pad.
  • Choose the suitable nails by placing them on your natural nails.
  • Either choose the right size of jelly glue as per your nail size and paste it on natural nails OR, apply an even layer of nail glue to your natural nails or Back of nails.
  • Align the press-on nails, to your natural nails. Press down and hold firmly for 15-20 seconds to ensure strong hold.


The nail glue bonds the skin instantly.

AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN, EYES AND MOUTH, contact the physician immediately in case of accidental bonding with the eyelid. In case of skin bonding, try to soak in warm water and carefully separate. Dispose of unused glue after use.


How to Remove:

Soak nails in warm water for 15-20 minutes. At the cuticle line, carefully lift up the edge using the cuticle stick. Apply your Cuticle Oil under the nail for fastest removal.

Package Includes: 24Tips, Cuticle Pusher, Filer and Nail Glue.

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